29. SLUK – Introductory speech of the director DKBM

There is no possibility to describe, explain, present or evoke SLUK in written or spoken words or in any other way. My colleagues at the Children’s Theater in Osijek, where I joined in 1993, were already aware of this, so they didn’t even try. Namely, when I got a job that year, SLUK had just passed and I could only hear fellow actors-puppeteers mentioning that event as something phenomenal. Curious, I asked them to explain to me what it is, what kind of festival, manifestation, event? After a few seconds of silence and thinking, I was briefly told that it cannot be told or described, you simply have to experience it. I became aware of this only when I myself participated in the next and later many more. With all due respect to other festivals, but SLUK is the biggest, most important, most beautiful, oldest biennial festival of puppetry… as I wrote before, there is no good enough description of SLUK. It must be experienced. Anyone who has ever been to SLUK knows this well. In that name, dear puppeteers, dear everyone who loves puppetry, who is infected by puppetry, who lives by puppetry and who lives by puppetry, I wish you many more indescribable, indelible and unforgettable SLUKs!