29. SLUK – Introductory speech of the president Croatian Center of UNIMA

We wish you a warm welcome to SLUK,

biennial meeting of puppeteers organized by the Croatian Center UNIMA and our most frequent host, the Branko Mihaljević Children’s Theater in Osijek.

This festival has brought the joy and art of puppetry for many years to various cities in Croatia, and proudly continues this tradition by including in its process of creation the most important institutions of puppetry art – gathering all our city puppet theaters, professional private theaters and achieving successful cooperation with the Academy of Arts and culture in Osijek.

Through this, we see that SLUK is indeed a meeting of puppeteers and those most dedicated to excellence in that art. However, regardless of the existence of awards and the competitive type of festival, SLUK primarily remains a meeting place. One of the few that hosts its participants for the entire duration of the festival so that everyone can meet each other, enjoy performances, round tables, workshops and numerous other events.

In this way, SLUK completes and unites the meaning of the sporting spirit of professionalism and the unity of the profession, and invites all puppeteers to a gathering.

That’s why we look forward to our meeting in Osijek!

Adam Skendžić, president of the Croatian Center of UNIMA